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Shaunn Barron
Full Stack Developer
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Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
University of Rio Grande


  1. Fiserv

    Director Software Development
    July 2022 - Present

    • White label banking application
  2. Fiserv

    Enterprise Architect, Sr Advisor
    September 2019 - July 2022

    • UI lead for (Vue, Vuetify, Pinia)
    • Technical supervision and architecture of a white label mobile platform
  3. JPMorgan Chase

    Vice President - Software Engineering
    February 2018 - September 2019

    • Allowance - Mobile application for managing a child's chores and funding their allowance. (Flutter, Firebase)
    • Virtual Bank - Multi-user virtual bank environment with voice chat for the Oculus Rift. (Unity, C#)
    • Crypto Wallet - Application for managing both hot and cold Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets and transfers. (Go, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Vault)
    • iMobility - Internal social networking application with a focus on mentoring and career development. (Java, Spring Boot, Angular, MariaDB)
    • Disputes - Application to resolve credit card disputes using Blockchain technology. (Go, Ethereum, Vue.js, PostgreSQL)
  4. Olive

    Senior Software Engineer
    November 2016 - February 2018

    • Olive Manager UI - Single page web app to build and launch various workflows in AWS. (React)
    • Olive Planner - Job Scheduler (Go, Buffalo, Vue.js)
    • Skill Adapter - An application used to download and run any other application and upload output to S3. (Go, AWS S3, Vault)
    • Mimic - Desktop automation software. (Node.js, Electron, OpenCV)
    • Connect For Care Managers - Backend web services to facilitate patient care for Accountable Care Organizations. (Kotlin, Java 8, Spring Boot, MySQL, Kafka)
  5. Fuse by Cardinal Health

    Software Engineer
    August 2015 - November 2016

    • Care Management – Single page web application and RESTful web service used by pharmacists to manage patient medications. (EmberJS, Java 8, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka)
    • Alfred – Android application and RESTful web service used to manage patient medication adherence. (Java 8, Spring Boot, AngularJS, MySQL, Kafka)
  6. NetJets (contractor)

    Senior Developer Analyst
    February 2015 - August 2015

    • Enterprise Trip Management - Single page web application and RESTful web services used to quote, book, and manage flights. (AngularJS, Groovy, Grails, Oracle, Elasticsearch)
  7. Olive

    Software Engineer, Team Lead
    September 2012 - February 2015

    • Biometric Engine – Distributed fingerprint identification application. (Java 8, Spring Boot, MySQL, RabbitMQ)
    • SafeChx – Web application used to register patients at hospitals with a fingerprint scan. (Java Applet, Java 7, Spring MVC)
    • Event Engine – Service to receive, archive, enrich, and process messages from hundreds of web applications. (Java 8, Spring Boot, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ)
    • SquadChx – Android application used to identify patients in ambulances with a fingerprint and notify the hospitals with detail of the incoming patient.
    • Mission Control – A suite of web applications used to manage external applications as well as provide real-time metrics and reports. (Java 8, Spring Boot, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ)
    • Zero Gravity – Android application to be used by healthcare sales reps to locate clients via search, maps, and augmented reality. Also displayed product information.
    • Caching Engine – Service to initialize and maintain a Redis cache. (Java 8, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Redis)
  8. Nationwide

    Developer, IT Applications
    July 2011 - September 2012

    • Financial Systems – A suite of applications used calculate unit values, calculate performance, and trade mutual funds. (Java 6, Struts, Oracle)